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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 11, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and caused damage. bringing down trees. 17,000 people without power at the peak of the storm in the early afternoon hours. the storms continued to be on the move and there you can see the watch we're talking about. it's central missouri in the camden area, reports of a tornado touching down 20 minutes ago. a warning remains in effect, no reports of damage or injuries, but we'll continue to track the storm. even though it's a severe thunderstorm watch, sometimes we do get tornadoes out of these systems. so something to watch. we also have some severe weather popping up around the charleston area. and that's going to continue into the afternoon hours. heat continues to stay strong across the south. nice heat relief into the northeast. we'll also be watching severe weather tomorrow from the great lakes through the ohio river valley. fredricka? thanks, jackie. let's take a look at the headlines right now. it is down to the wire in south africa, the world cup in the finale and it's 1-0 right now.
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spain over the netherlands, they're in overtime. so anything can happen. and they call him the barefoot bandit. but he's not on the run any more. police finally catch up with him in the bahamas. what bp is trying to do right now is a very complicated and very difficult procedure. happening a mile underwater. cnn's jacqui jeras and producer vivian quo have been following it close aand earl i didn't i spoke to them about what is under way and what it potentially will mean. >> today is a very crucial juncture. so maybe more immediately we're going to see a large recovery vessel try and gi to process some of the oil today. this is called the helix producer, a larger vessel than some of the other ones that we've seen and bp has been working all week to get it hooked up, that could be on line today. the second big development we're seeing is the first part of the
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brand-new permanent cap is being lowered subsea for placement early or mid-week. >> 5,000 feet below the surface. >> so the images we're about to see here, let's look at it one more time, the old containment cap was removed yesterday and to put, to replace, it's going to take a little bit of time today as they put this new cap in place, they've got to bolt it down, we're kind of seeing some images here from the robotic cameras, can you make out what we're seeing. those bolts, that's where they would come down, correct? >> yes. what bp is calling it is a flange transition spool. a huge structure. it's 12 feet tall, it he was more than 15,000 to 16,000 pounds. they're going to try to put it in place, they're going to have to bolt it down. and what's fascinating. each bolt weighs over 50 pounds. >> and they'll try to go to home
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depot. incredible undertaking, jacqui, obviously the weather has to cooperate. you're performing surgery, you know, a mile down below the surface and relying on the visibility of the cameras, the ability of the robotics to do their job. >> yeah, nobody can go down there because the pressure is so, so strong there. so it's dark out. it's hard to see. the oil is gushing and that also limits the visibility. but weather has been really, really critical in this. a week in, two weeks ago, we had terrible conditions, we had alex, another tropical depression that churned up the seas, it prevented them from doing the process at the time and it stopped some of the containment efforts. and now the weather has turned on a dime. the weather couldn't be better. the seas are very, very calm, the skimming operations are going on and that's what's allowing them to do the procedures.
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>> the elements are in place. what's the timeline here? >> you say picture-perfect. we've seen a lot of bumps and snags along the way. all things being equal, the replacement process began yesterday. and bp said it could take as little as four days. as jacqui says, if the weather stays as it has been, we could see it as early as wednesday. our meteorologist jacqui jeras there and now we'll go back to more gulf talk in a minute. spain as you see right there, wins the world cup against netherlands. this game went into overtime. spain got one goal. final tally, 1-0, spain over netherlands. you see live pictures of madrid. folks are going absolutely bonkers there. and of course, we'll join our reporters across the world, those who are celebrating, spain winning and those who are in
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some critical maneuvering taking place in the gulf of mexico right now as workers try to place a new containment cap over the broken well. all eyes are on what's taking place there. timeline it could happen any time and then bp workers will continue trying to get the relief well going as well. cnn's ines ferre is in gulfport, mississippi where people along the gulf coast, particularly in that town are watching closely, hoping there is some substantial progress to try to contain or at least stop the leak. >> yeah, defendainitely, becaus many people around this area depend on businesses and tourism. and bp is saying that the procedure is going as planned. they removed the previous containment cap that will take three to six days for them to place that one on and for this
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procedure to be complete. and it's a very complicated procedure. it's a multi-step procedure it involves robots, remotely-operated vehicles. under water, 5,000 feet underwater. for the people here, this is really critical. and here we've got karen morgan, who is a local resident. she's from long beach. she's got her whole family here. karen, now when you heard about this replacement cap, what did you think about this? have very excited, we're all hoping and praying that this works. we want it to work. >> how has this affected your family in the gulf area? >> it's affected us personally. we love to fish, we have a boat, we love to go out fish, we love to go crabbing. have we been out this year? no. well my husband went out once and caught some great speckled trout, fried it up. it was awesome. >> now this beach, there's not that many people here, there's maybe like eight or ten
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families. are you surprised what it's done to tourism in this area? >> generally, the beaches have been like normal, i don't think it's hurt that much. most people here locally, they understand that it's not here, it's not devastating like it's been reported. but -- >> so you're thinking this is okay? >> it has hurt the economy. i work for a company here in outside sales. and people are, the restaurants, very concerned about what's going to happen. and we're waiting and it just, you're here and you say, god, it's gorgeous out here. there's no real oil crisis. so people need to come, they need to shop, they need to eat out and enjoy it. >> thanks so much, karen. that's what we've heard today. >> i guess i'm a little confused on that. there are restrictions all along the gulf coast and doesn't it
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also include gulfport where people are not be encouraged to get into the water. yes, they're being encouraged to come to the beach. but to get into the water there have been those who surmise that it's not safe to get in the water? >> yeah, that's really interesting. because i actually spoke to the mayor, the mayor of long beach just about this issue. he said, look, the beaches aren't officially closed. but people are acting like it is closed. and you see workers on that beach that have been picking up little tar balls and tar pieces. but there definitely are people who are coming to the beach. but as i was speaking to a lot of the locals and people from little businesses around here. it's definitely not like another years, fred. >> thanks so much from gulfport, mississippi, appreciate that. the fbi is calling him a teen fugitive. but to others he's an internet
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folk hero. the 19-year-old is in police custody, the barefoot bandit. we'll dig into the details of colton harris moore's capture. >> after being on the run for nearly two years, after being linked to several break-ins and burglaries in a number of states and after allegedly stealing two planes and winding up in the bahamas, well, his escape is over. finally the young man by the name of let's see, colton harris moore, age 19 is finally in custody in the bahamas. he went to a very small island in the bahamas where he was caught. some place where a lot of celebrities hang out and those were very well-heeled. instead of trying to perhaps lose himself in nas awe, one of the larger islands. and he was finally caught. we'd like to show you some video taken for us by the man who owns the boat on which moore was finally caught. on this boat, the police shot
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out the engine on it so they could capture him. we did speak with the man, here comes some pictures of this right now. pointing out how the engine was shot up. now at the time, the young man according to police, was had a gun on him. was holding it up to his head and threatening to kim himself. but they talked him out of it. this gentleman, william sport, who owned this 32-foot boat that young man allegedly stole to try to make his escape. here's what he said about just last night. >> during the evening we had a dinner party on the boat and after the dinner party, we walked out on the dock and a young man ran by us with a blue backpack. we didn't think much of it. and this is about 12:00 and we came back to the room, went to bed and 4:00 in the morning i was awakened to find that my dinghy, a 32-foot intrepid motor yacht had been stolen and the
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police had chased this person that had stolen it and ordered to stop him. had shot the engines out on the boat. and it turns out that the fellow is the barefoot bandit. >> now the fbi had put out a wanted poster on him. he was wanted for -- and they offered a $10,000 reward. as you know, he is now in custody and it is expected that he will be arraigned sometime later this week in the bahamas and at some point, he is likely to be extradited to the united states. >> all right. susan candiotti in new york, thanks so much. and now to a world cup soccer and, yes, there is a winner. spain overtakes the netherlands, but just by one point. the final score, 1-0. and that's after going into overtime. our don riedel is in madrid, where folks are going haywire. they're so excited. don? >> hey there, we're going to stay out of shot so you can
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enjoy these fantastic pictures, it's very late on sunday night here in madrid. and these fans are not going to bed any time soon. they've witnessed their team making history. they've become the eighth team ever to win the world cup. the spanish team is playing in the world cup for the first time. they played pretty much the best football in the world at the moment. but it was by no means a straightforward final against holland as you've heard. it went into extra time, it took a goal from anthony iniesta, one of their best players, to clinch the world cup for spain. the fans are watching a huge screen. they're about to see their team presented with the world cup. and this means so much to these fans. spain is a divided country both regionally and politically. they're suffering a really desperate economic crisis at the moment. they've got the highest unemployment rate anywhere in europe. so that's even one in five people in this crowd that you're looking at don't have a job at the moment. but this success, even before
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the final have given the country such a huge boost. prime minister zapatero said it was a boost to the country confidence and self-esteem. this is a huge win for the spanish cup. the spanish sport and the whole country of spain. absolutely huge. the party has only just started. >> wow. the party is just getting started there in madrid. where that country is celebrating a huge victory, a world cup victory in johannesburg, south africa, these live images right here out of madrid. thousands of people have descended on this area right here. all partying in the streets, enjoying and watching the final stages of that world cup soccer spain wins over the netherlands, 1-0, an incredible game into overtime. more than two hours long, the entire match and there we go. now world champions. world cup champions, spain.
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congratulations to them. and that's don riedel. you couldn't see him, but you could hear him over the huge crowd in madrid, spain. she is proof that you're never too old to try to make a dream come true. marathon swimmer, diana nyad is setting out to go 0 a swim she gave up nine years ago.
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celebrations across spain as the country celebrates its world cup championship. spain beat the netherlands 1-0 in today's world cup final in south africa. the game ended just a minute ago in overtime. and the man known as the voice of yankee stadium has died at his home in new york at the age of 99. bob shepard was the public address announcer for the team from 1951, to 2007. his career spanned 4500 baseball games. and bp says the process to replace the containment cap on the ruptured oil well in the gulf of mexico is going as planned. while robots replace the old cap, the oil is flowing freely
5:21 pm
again. bp says it could take three to six days to secure the new, better-fitting cap. it is expected to contain most, if not all of that gushing oil. and arizona's controversial immigration law has republicans and democrats locking horns in a matter of weeks, the new law is set to take effect and the finger-pointing continues as to who is to blame for the failure to get immigration reform done in washington. >> what is the president doing to promoten immigration bill this year? >> this is something we all agree on, the people of arizona are saying we wants the federal government to live up to its responsibilities. and we are calling on those folks on the other side of the aisle who said in the past that they said they thought this was an important issue to solve. to join us, and when we're willing, we'll be able to move forward. >> for more on this debate, let's go to our sandra endoin the nation's capital. sandra?
5:22 pm
>> there you have it, ramping up the rhetoric. what you heard is a challenge to republicans from white house senior adviser, david axelrod, in "state of the union" this morning with candy crowley. he said the only way to get immigration reform done is if republicans step up to the table. but the reality is that's so unlikely this year. the topic is far too politically risky, given the mid-term elections this fall. take a look at what's going on in arizona for a snapshot of how polarizing this issue is. the justice department filed a lawsuit to stop the arizona immigration law from going into effect. but arizona republican congressman, trent franks is coming down on the administration, saying the state was forced to take immigration matters into its own hands. >> what they're saying here is that, yes, they're saying it's racial profiling. but what they're actually suing on is that somehow arizona is preempting the federal
5:23 pm
government's responsibility. and the irony of that is that was the whole predicate. arizona had to do this simply because the federal government wasn't doing it. now attorney general eric holder argues that the immigration policy should not be made up of a patchwork of state laws. an arizona judge will here hear the justice department's case and decide whether or not the law will take place. >> is the law as polarizing in arizona as it is in washington? >> everyone has an opinion on the law. which will be interesting, fred, is to see if the law does take effect jl 29th, how it will affect people there and what their opinion will be after the fact. >> sandra endo, in washington, thanks so much. time to check in with our jacqui jeras as we begin a new work week. there's been some crazy, violent and unpredictable weather all
5:24 pm
over. >> flash flooding has been a big problem this weekend, yesterday in massachusetts, today in missouri. look at these pictures of kansas from earlier this afternoon. heavy rain flooded roadways and many adjacent fields, winds were strong, 60 miles per hour to 70 miles per hour. you can see them blowing down trees, 17,000 people were without power at one point this afternoon. those storms continue to move across central and southern parts of the state right now. take a look at the radar picket, we've got a severe thunderstorm watch in effect here. and we have been tracking one storm that did produce a tornado in camdenton, missouri, a touchdown in phelps county, this is the same storm, showing strong rotation, no confirmation that the storm is on the ground, right across i-44. moving in an easterly direction. you need to take shelter immediately. keep in mind sometimes when we have severe thunderstorm watches, we get isolated
5:25 pm
thunderstorms. we have thunderstorms watch in parts of north carolina, so you beachgoers be aware of that. that's where it will continue through tomorrow. the northeast we talked about the deluge in massachusetts yesterday, our storm front moving out now. some spotty showers, but nothing to worry about. the rainfall totals were really impressive, about two to three inches overall. normally that wouldn't be a big deal by the way. but when you have the record heat and very dry conditions all that rain in a short period of time, that's when you start seeing some of those problems. let's talk about some of the heat. over with in the northeast, but still ongoing in parts of the south. heat advisory from new orleans to the biloxi area. temperatures tomorrow going to continue to stay hot across parts of the south. but we'll see some 80s and 90s into the northeast. as you head back to work, there's the big picture for you tomorrow. things look pretty good up and down the eastern seaboard, threat of severe weather through
5:26 pm
the great lakes through the ohio river valley. one last thing we're tracking this time of year, fredricka, the tropics, the good news is there's a whole lot of nothing going on anywhere in the atlantic and the gulf of mexico. this is also great news for the oil containment efforts and what they're trying to do is get the cap on there. really calm seas, it looks good. >> we're happy to hear that ray of sunshine there. thanks so much, jacqui jeras. legendary open water swimmer, diana nyad is not giving up 0en her dream, trying once again to swim from florida to cuba without a shark cage. the 60-year-old has been practicing for the swim in key west and she actually spoke with our fit nation crew after wrapping up a long practice run. >> i'm very proud, because it's not just that i did it. i really pushed. i really pushed.
5:27 pm
there wasn't one hour that i just kind of glided through and took it easy. because i was thinking, if cuba's going to be twice this, i'm going to really work this and then know in my mind psychologically, i can back it down a little bit. but i'm surprised like i felt fine. left shoulder bothering me a little bit. but other than that, i felt strong, energy. stomach was upset a couple of times. all the way through to the 24 hours, even climbing out of the boat. but then, i was racked. i was, you know, had four ivs in this arm, passed out. was nauseous. really felt sick at the end. so i think i was dehydrated and depleted much, much more than i knew i was when i was swimming. there was just never a doubt, there was never a moment of doubt from the very beginning, i
5:28 pm
knew. i had sort of two separated in two pieces because we started at 8:20. i knew that night would fall exactly in 12 hours. so i first i thought, just swim the day. break it into hours. and i was so lucid, too. i never went anywhere else else. i was right there, either looking at the boat or feeling the kayak next to me. and it was like all mountain climbers and long-distance people, it was sort of a silly system of counting and songs. and you know, so each little break before a feeding i would say to myself, okay, you know, let's go through this one more time. bob dylan's you know, "the times are a-changin'." >> diana nyad, who is setting out to swim more than 100 miles
5:29 pm
between cuba and florida's key west. and of course, our fit nation crew will be talking to her again next month when she sets out to really try to nail down this dream swim. all right. growing the global game. a pro soccer team right here in atlanta is working hard off the field. their goal is to gather equipment for kids in africa. just take a look. >> they want to be the most respected team of the wps, women's pro fegsal soccer. a mix from international to national team players and former college players. we started a program called donate your gear. we partnered with schools in africa. we have collecting size at our stadium every single game. >> i'm super-excited that our team, the atlanta beat is in support of the cause. just to think that a kid is going to be getting a pair of shoes or some cleats and a ball,
5:30 pm
makes me smile. >> when you have the gear and you can play the game that you love, you just play it with more heart and more passion. >> i think the opportunity to give back, especially to niger, when you see a child that doesn't know the difference between a soccer ball made out of yarn versus a real ball, it's like gold to them. i think that's what excites the players. >> i have had a lot of opportunities in my life with soccer, so i want to give back. so i give the kids stuff that i don't need any more. >> chick-fil-a came on board a couple of months ago and they're giving out free sandwiches. fedex has been fantastic, they're taking on all the u.s. transportation of the gear from all the sites across the country. the u.s. army has been fantastic. they're taking the gear from denver, colorado, into djibouti, africa where we'll meet it and head to niger to give the gear up. >> how great is it to give another kid an opportunity? a kid miles and miles away. i'm pretty proud to be able to
5:31 pm
say that. i'm excited. fantastic. we're excited, too. you may remember this woman as foxy brown. we're excited about the soccer and we're excited about this. actress pam grier talking about finding balance and her friendship with a new generation of music artists. like rapper, snoop dogg. >> they come out with this great music and they have us on their videos and they said, pam, i apologize about all the horrible things i said about women, you're not like that at all. i said, okay. >> face to face with actress pam grier. but first, what is topping the charts on the billboard? ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm not afraid to take a stand ♪ ♪ everybody come take my hand ♪ through the storm
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it was the coldest of cold cases. for more than 20 years a killer dubbed the grim sleeper walked the streets freely. believed that all came to an end with the arrest this week of lonnie franklin. cnn's thelma gutierrez was given an exclusive look at the dna technology used to crack the case. >> behind these doors at the department of justice crime lab in richmond, california, forensic investigators solved a landmark cold case that could change the way police investigations are conducted. we went inside for an exclusive look at the new dna technology that led detectives to an
5:37 pm
elusive killer dubbed the grim sleeper. it was the 1980s, a serial killer was terrorizing south los angeles. most of his victims were young african-american women, some had been shot with the sam same .25-caliber firearm. some had been strangled, some sexually assaulted. their bodies dumped in alleys. over the years, los angeles police would follow numerous leads that went nowhere. in 1988, after eight murders and an attack on a potential night victim who got away, the killings stopped. then nearly 15 years later, the grim sleeper would strike again. who was he? where was he hiding? police would have to wait another two decades to find the answers. >> we have about one and a half million samples stored in the laborato laboratory. >> a critical piece of the puzzle would be found here in the third-largest dna rository in the world. california has been collecting dna from convicted felons since
5:38 pm
2004. police had the serial killer's dna for the crime scenes, was it possible it was here as well? >> we're on the cutting edge of this technology. >> jill sprigs who heads the lab said scientists recently developed a powerful investigative weapon, a familial dna search weapon. they can find familiar yarts between a cream scene dna and the dna of a convicted felon. >> it was not a convicted felon. >> two years ago ran the killer's dna searching for a link, but no match. then a major break, lat year criminalists entered the dna of a man recently convicted of a felony weapons charge, his name was christopher franklin. months later detectives ran the grim sleeper's dna again, for a second time, hoping to a match to a family member. they got it. detectives zeroed in on
5:39 pm
christopher traffic lynn's father. 57-year-old lonnie david franklin who lived in los angeles, within walking distance to one of the victims, 18-year-old alisha alexander. at one time, the man described as a polite neighbor, even worked as a grarj attendant for the los angeles police. before detectives could close in, they would need a sample of his dna. they picked up a piece of pizza crust, along with eating utensils. police sent it to the lab and they said they had a match, between franklin and the dna found on victims. >> this will be a very important investigative tool. >> as city leaders and the los angeles police announced what they believe will be the end of the grim sleeper's reign of terror, the victims' families cheered. [ applause ] >> but it was a bittersweet
5:40 pm
moment for the brothers of 18-year-old alisha monique alexander. who carried her frayed picture for 22 years. thelma gutierrez, cnn, los angeles. finally, a new world champion at the world cup. spain, spain overcame the netherlands by just one point. final score, 1-0, and our ali velshi was lucky enough to have a seat there in johannesburg at the world cup final and he is joining us live on the phone right now. i'm going to hope that we can hear him, ali, you've been in the stadium. the fireworks just went off, what's it been like? >> caller: what an incredible night. we're leaving the stadium in johannesburg now, heading back to our hotel. spain scored the only goal in the game, more than 110 minutes into the game, spain scored a goal against the netherlands, this was in the second overtime
5:41 pm
or extra time as they call it in football. spain scored the goal giving spain the first-ever world cup victory. spained a the netherlands had never seen a world cup victory before. this was a hard-fought match between the two of them. 90 minutes of regulation time and no goal. a crowd of about 85,000 people at the stadium. while it's a victory for spain, this world cup is really a victory for south africa where so many people had said there would be too many security problems to overcome, too many dangers with the stadiums that were built after having faced difficulties in the construction. the boil line is this world cup has ended a victory for spain for the first time and a massive victory for south africa which until 50 years ago was largely excluded from world competition and international competition. so fred all in all, the world cup ends well. there are a lot of dutch fans
5:42 pm
upset, trying to get out of soccer city and go home and drown their sorrows or go to sleep. >> ali, i wonder, as johannesburg or as south africa celebrates its victory so to speak, just as you put it, because this is a major undertaking for them to be able to host the world cup games, i wonder if this then paces south africa to host yet other world-class events. that perhaps they have not been able to grasp before the world cup? >> i have to tell you, fred, coming here this evening, and several hours before the match, security was as heavy as i had ever seen security at a sporting event, ever. helicopters all over, police everywhere. there have been a lot of fears about how south africa, a country that still struggles with remarkable crime. years after the end of apartheid. the bottom line is this country has handled it very well and i think it does compete south africa to compete, not only in
5:43 pm
sports, but as hosts in major events. the bottom line is this largely went off without a hitch. the only thing that was a problem here, fred, is so many of the teams that were expected to make it through to the final round, didn't. and a lot of tickets from those fans ended up leaving. so the stadiums weren't as full as they were supposed to be or we expected them to be. but generally speaking this thing has gone off without a hitch. south africa will have a lot to brag about when they have to put their foot forward in other major international events, they'll be in a good position to do so. >> extraordinary stuff as we look at the images and see various play during the course of almost four weeks of world cup soccer. ali velshi, thank you so much for joining us from johannesburg, south africa. if you're just now joining us, just now coming out from under the rock, spain wins over the netherlands 1-0 in overtime. and we'll be right back with
5:44 pm
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iconic actress, pam grier, has been called the first female action hero. probably best known for her role
5:47 pm
as "foxy brown" in 1974. in our final installment of our face-to-face interview, she talks about finding balance in her life and finding friendship with the next generation of some music artists, including rapper snoop doog. >> you have to wonder what's the next chapter, where are you with the cervical cancer? how are you doing in that? how is that battle? >> i've been in remission for 22 years. tomorrow is not a given. i constantly seek the balance of my ph and i take i practice yoga and pilates and herbs and teas and i learned about the thermo dynamics of hot water and teas when you eat greasy food, don't drink cold when you have greasy foods in your systems, that can
5:48 pm
cause problems and illnesses. i am very healthy, i love being around my animals in colorado and my friends out. my little old brick house. they thought it was the caretakers house. when i know they're coming to town for a concert, i invite them out for breakfast and i send them lunch. they kept my image alive and a lot of the artists of the '70s, they're the children of it, they heard it in the womb. they come out with this great music and have us in the videos and they say, pam, i apologize for the horrible thing i said about women, you're not like that at all. and i talk to them about the dynamic of the posturing of anger and the superiority and oppression of women in music and their videos and i say, is that because you saw me do it? >> what did they say?
5:49 pm
>> they go hmm. but, is it in the community, is that what you really want to do? that was your daughter. i was your daughter. >> are they listening to you? >> probably not. >> they're asking you. >> they don't hear me until they have a daughter. and then all of a sudden -- then they, they have this -- owe pifny or maturity. epiphany. >> the what's your recommendation to young women and men today, of finding balance without having to go through the exact same journey. because every journey is different. >> thank god. people outside of me were teaching me, be open, ask, learn, be curious. that's all we have. >> well pam grier, you're an inspiration, thanks so much. pleasure meeting you, too. >> i lost a kidney on this one.
5:50 pm
what ovary you had left, i took it. ow. >> you gave, we take. >> you have an extra one. but yes, thank you for being the invitation. >> it's a fantastic book. >> thank you. my life inextraordinary. >> yes, and the next one, i'll be under the witness protection program. there won't be a next one. there will not be a next one. >> she's so forth right and at the same time, so, so funny as you can tell right there. pam grier, actress, icon, now author, author of the book, "foxy: my life in three acts." if you missed the first two parts of my face-to-face with pam grier, logon to my blog and there you can see all three of the face-to-face interviews with actress pam grier. all right, spain, they won the world cup, but it's the nation of south africa that actually won rave reviews. next, a look back at the man who
5:51 pm
led the country out of apartheid and helped bring the first world cup to africa. i can take one airline out... and another home. so with more flight options, i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. where you book matters. expedia.
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in los angeles, they are celebrating the artistic eye of dennis hopper. the late actor, director, was an avid art collector. some of his favorite works are on display starting today at the museum of contemporary art. hopper actually helped coordinate this show before his death in late may. he also loved to take photographs of just regular people as well as some of his famous friends and many of his pictures are actually part of that show. the world cup has been a remarkable celebration of sport and history. spain beat the netherlands in a thrilling final game. by all accounts, south africa did a superb job of actually hosting the games. a remarkable feat for a nation that was once condemned around the world as a symbol of apartheid. south africa's trans formation was centered on the efforts of one man, nelson mandela.
5:55 pm
he made a brief appearance before today's final game and cnn's nadia has this story. >> reporter: south africa's have a special spirit, they call it bunto. it means humanity towards others. we've seen that spirit in full display over the last few weeks of world cup soccer. a family tragedy have kept nelson mandela away from the games but it was his ubutu that contributes to bringing the world's premiere sporting events to africa for the first time. it is his leadership that steers south africa away from the depravity and violence of apartheid to a democratic country strong and stable enough to rise to the chal eth. nabiba grew up herding cattle for his father. he ran away to johanersburg as a young man allegedly to escape an arranged marriage. he fulfilled his dream of studying law and in 1943 joined the anc, the african national
5:56 pm
congress, as one of the national apartheid leaders, he spearheaded boy cots, strikes and civil disobedience campaigns to bring about freedom for black a people. when the anc was banned, he went underground and helped formed the arming of the anc. though in africa, he believed the apartheid government left the african people no choice. he was arrest in 1962 and two years later sentenced to life in prison. during the long years of his incarceration, the country hovered many times on the brink of violent revolution. the apartheid government clamped down with an ire fist, arresting, detaining and killing those who fought for freedom. all the time, his commitment never faulted. mandela was eventually released and walked out of prison on february 11th, 1919. he became president of south africa's fledgling democracy in 1994. today, 16 years since its first democratic elections, south
5:57 pm
africa still faces serious challenges. amongst them, crime and poverty, but south africans also have that special spirit of ubuntu and anyone watching the world cup can testify that nelson mandela's dream of a rainbow nation has largely come through. i'm fredricka whitfield, i'll see you back here. next weekend, don lemon is next with more of the newsroom after this. there he is waving. hey, john. me neither. it's new beneful incredibites. uh-huh! it's just the way you like it-- made with wholesome grains, real beef, even carrots and peas. you love the smaller-size, easy-to-chew kibbles, and i love the carbohydrates for energy and protein for muscles. whoa! wait for me! ha-ha. you only think you're getting spoiled. [ woman announcing ] new beneful incredibites. another healthful, flavorful beneful. presenting the cadillac "summer's best" sales event.
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